Photo Shoot in Miami Beach

Photo Shoot in Miami Beach

On Tuesday September 25, we had the privilege of having the very talented, Robert Kelley @robertkelleyphotography shooting some of our amazing models in some of our custom AA designs from our Summer 2018 collection. Luck was on our side with the talented photographer being in town to capture some stunning shots in Miami Beach. With Miami’s oceanside moonlight, our dancewear was bound to stand out. It was a photoshoot that became the ultimate spotlight of the beach and is the current spotlight of our Instagram. Click here to see for yourself what we’re raving about, you won’t regret it!

We love helping our dancers make sense of how to create their dancewear identity. From solos to group dances, we provide infinite creativity into their dance costumes. We are lucky to partner with photographers, studio owners, dance choreographers, and dance venues to help our dancers make their dreams come true.

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