Our Summer 2018 Collection has just arrived!

Our Summer 2018 Collection has just arrived!

AA Dance Costumes is launching a new Summer 2018 Collection on June 20th.

There are so many  reasons to love Miami. Our Summer 2018 Collection was inspired by its weather, culture, food, scenery, and the beach, where its turquoise waters evoke love, joy and happiness.

The collection is called #NauticaSummer2018 and features colorful and beautiful dancewear. Not only are these pieces trendy, fashionable, but also affordable.

One of the Dancers said to me: “WoW, What an awesome range of Leos, it is so hard to just pick one.”

I would like to thank our amazing hard-working staff, our supportive parents from Tampa, our nationwide dance moms for their feedback, and to my dear friends and family for their unconditional support.

Thank you to our models, whose enthusiasm, dedication and unwavering loyalty make AA Dance Costumes the success that it is today.

Special Thanks to Victor Smalley & Angel de Armas Salabert  from the Stars Dance Studio in Miami for allowing me to use the studio for our photo-shooting session, and to the extraordinary photographers that have contributed to the collection with amazing pictures

Use #NauticaSummer2018 on Instagram and show us how you're using our dance costumes this summer.



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