Happy Holidays, from our AA Dance Costumes family to yours,

Happy Holidays, from our AA Dance Costumes family to yours,

As we approach the holidays, we wanted to take a moment to count our blessings and thank you, our customers, friends, and dance family, for your continued support and loyalty throughout the years.  Now, in our 3rd year of crafting dance-inspired activewear for dancers, of all ages, abilities and styles, this labor of love could not have been possible without you.

Our total commitment to dance is our source of inspiration, and we could have never envisioned the loyalty and support you have given us.

Starting tomorrow, we are releasing our NYC Winter Collection. New York is one of the most fascinated cities in the world. It's so full with images, visuals, billboards. Everywhere you look there is inspiration. In fact, one of my first dancewear designs was based on a Time Square billboard advertising poster that I saw when I traveled a few years ago with my daughter for a Dance Convention. It's hard to turn around without seeing something interesting. The inspiration is unending. Our team has worked very hard to translate my ideas into beautiful designs, we have used high-quality fabrics, and new colors. We think you'll love it...take a look.

We hope this year has been productive and that you have lots to be thankful for. We know we do.

Happy Holidays from our AA Dance Costumes family to yours,


Annette Alcover, founder.

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