AA Dance Costumes 2019 Summer Collection Coming Soon!

Our creative team is in Tampa this weekend to finalize our Summer Collection photo shooting, I can't be more excited!.

I am very fortunate to be surrounded by great dance moms that they don't hesitate to not only offer their hospitality but also their 150% support to this effort. Thank you from my heart.

Creating a collection is about embarking on collaborative journey, picking up feedback from Dance Moms, Choreographers, Studio Owners, and ultimately our Dancers!. It means to challenge myself to the unexpected and seeking out new fabrics, new dance costumes designs, and most importantly listen to my models and our dance ambassadors!.

This summer, I have imagined our AA Dance Costumes 2019 Summer Collection in live colors and fabrics that radiates nature, spontaneity, but also elegance and sophistication at the same time.

I am pleased to present this new collection to you with the hope that you'd like it and make it yours.

Discover our new AA Dance Costumes 2019 Summer Collection in our boutique store, and in our site.


Yours truly,